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  • Model: TT19#1056 Spielzeug fuer Hunde 7,5 cm
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Toys for Dogs, Dog Toys for water

Toys for Dogs! Dog training is already become habitual and boring? Make the training more concise, effective and memorable for your dog and yourself. We want to offer our innovative offer - a super light ball from foam-material for dog training. Attractive appearance and high quality! Dog Water Toys can not drown, because the design and material will not allow that. You can still order the training toys for dogs online and use it for playing in the water. Please note only: One should always be careful in the water!

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Dog Rope Toys for Water Activities with Dog

Ball for dog has such main characteristics:

  • flash interesting design
  • many-coloured nylon cord
  • floats on water surface
  • high quality super lightweight material
  • saf foam-like substance

Durable dog toy you use with your pet for:

  • run and play with dog
  • training in water
  • dog training in retrieve
  • fun during walks


  • diameter 7.5 cm
  • length of string 35 cm
  • weight 65 g

Dog Ball is made of the following materials:

  • nylon for string
  • foam-like material for ball

Daily dog training with this dog ball will be really your beloved pastime with your pet. Select this durable dog toys and you will have a real fun with the dog while playing, training and other activities. This ball for dog obedience and improvement of health. The cheerfulness and good results are guaranteed thanks to the super light weight of dog ball. You can throw best ball away, so many running and game exercises will make your four-legged friend more healthy and you will feel a pleasant slight fatigue. The best sleep is guaranteed!

Here you will see how looks the water toys for dogs!

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Training Toys for Dogs - Fun and Exercises

Dog Ball with Cord for Games

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Dog Ball for your dog's clean teeth!

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