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Chain collar in brass, Choke Collar for Large Dogs

Chain collar in brass! Choke collar for four-legged friends is specially designed for long-haired dogs. Design and construction of this chain collar does not rub dog's skin and does not tear no hair. This model of training collar is used for dog obedience training and also decorates the neck of a pet. The specialists have considered every detail of choke collar. We hope that this model will make your walking and training with a dog easier.

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Chain collar pet shop Switzerland

Chain collar in brass for large dogs

Benefits of Dog Collar of Brass:

  • very durable
  • can be used in any weather
  • keeps your dog's hair in perfect appearance
  • can be used for both long and short-haired breeds
  • usually does not cause allergies or other problems with skin and health
  • looks very stylish on the dog

Using the choke collar for dog training:

  • correction of behavior of the dog
  • safe walks with dog

Dimensions of the choke collar for large dogs:

  • link diameter - 4 mm
  • length of chain link - 52 mm
  • link width - 20 mm
  • You can see the table below to find the appropriate size

Material of chain collar for large dogs:

  • Brass

In this picture you can see how to measure your dog:

How you should measure your dog in order to choose the appropriate size. You should measure the head circumference of the dog in its widest point, add 5-7 cm and then to choose the appropriate size.

This chain choke collar is made of brass. This material is quite safe and durable and will withstand high loads. If you are an owner of a large dog with long hair, you definitely need this choke collar! Protect the hair of your dog, make the four-legged obedient and beautiful!

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Chain dog collar, pet shop Switzerland

Training collar made of brass for walk

Please check your dog's neck size and compare with table:

Size of the chain collar:

  • 50 cm --->
  • 55 cm
  • 59 cm
  • 63.5 cm
  • 68 cm
  • 72.5 cm
  • 77 cm
  • 81 cm
  • 85.5 cm

Neck circumference of your dog:

  • 43-45 cm
  • 48-50 cm
  • 53-55 cm
  • 55-58 cm
  • 58-60 cm
  • 63-65 cm
  • 68-70 cm
  • 70-73 cm
  • 75-78 cm

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