Extremely Strong Bite Pad for Professional Dog Training


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  • Model: TE12#1056 Extrem Starkes Beisskissen fuer Professionelle Hundetraining 23x33 cm
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Extremely Strong Bite Pad for Professional Dog Training

This synthetic bite cushion is specially designed for professional dog training and education. Coach uses the bite cushion for proper bite development of young and adult dogs. This model is made of high quality syntetic materials. Bite cushion is carefully stitched and has three durable handles, which allows you to maneuver during the exercises and  to control the whole training process.

TE12 French Linen

Bite Pad for Prey Drive

This product is manufactured by our experts and meets all requirements of professional dog breeders and experienced veterinarians. The bite cushion has the additional leather layer on the bite site, which makes it more durable to the bites and jerking of the dog. This model will serve you much longer. Bite cushion is the perfect tool for training of the police and military working dogs. You can use the bite cushion as bite tug for young dogs, for bite development of adult dogs and as a simple toy for dogs of different ages.

Characteristics of this product:

  •  Material:     french linen
  •  Size:            23 cm x 33 cm

TE12 (2) French Linen

Big Synthetic Bite Tug for Fetch Work

Spheres of application:

  • Bite Tug for adult puppies
  • Play tug
  • Bite Tug for dog training
  • Bite Tug for young dogs
  • Bite Tug for dog training
  • Bite Tug for developing the skills of the dogs
  • Bite Tug for developing the instincts of young dogs

TE12 (3) French Linen

 Extremely Strong Dog Training Bite Tug

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