New Braided Muzzle for Belgian Malinois | Durable Dog Muzzle


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  • Model: M41##1056 Maulkorb Geflochtener Neuer fuer Malinois
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New Braided Muzzle for Belgian Malinois, Comfortable Dog Muzzle for Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is the diversity of the Belgian Shepherd. Belgian Malinois is a large, very energetic, serious and clever dog. One should emphasize the peculiarity of this breed - the aggressiveness with other dogs and other pets. One should not let the dog from the leash during the walkings. The aggressiveness with the people is not shown, but in any case you should teach the Malinois puppy to communicate with people as early as possible.

Leather Muzzle M41 for Malinois is a very convenient and practical model of dog muzzle. The leather muzzle is for large, medium and small dog breeds. The Leather Dog Muzzle for Malinois has light weight, easy in use and you can use it for many different purposes. You can take your Belgian Malinois in this muzzle for vet visit, walking or public transport.

Characteristics of the product:

Material:       genuine leather

Leather muzzle Malinois M41

Belgian Malinois in Braided Dog Muzzle from Leather

Data for Dog Snout Measurement:

№1: Snout length
№2: Snout girth (The jaws should be closed during the measurement)
№3: Length to the back of the head
№4: Neck girth
№5: Snout breadth
№6: Snout height (The jaws should be closed during the measurement)

To measure your dog snout, click here.

Important to know:

  • has the light weight
  • the dog breathes freely and feels good due to the good ventilation
  • the model is multifunctional and good for walking, training and visiting the public places
  • is made manually of the soft leather straps
  • this multipurpose model is good for every dog breed
  • the pad from the soft felt protects the nose of your dog from the rub
  • the dog feels comfortable and can open its mouth
  • is made according to the measures of your dog
  • the metal nickel-plated rivets provide the longevity of the muzzle

Application Area of this muzzle:

  • dog walking
  • dog training
  • dog breeding
  • dog coaching

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