Choke Collar with Stopper, Dog Collar for Training

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Chain Collar with Stopper, Stainless Steel Choke Collar for Your Dog

Stainless steel choke collar for dog training. Collar of world-renowned company Herm Sprenger Germany. This chain collar is made of fine-grained chain with a stopper. There are special device with the help of which you can adjust the length of the dog collar. It allows to adjust the length of dog collar so that the collar will not choke the dog by stretching. When the stopper lock sets against the ring, it will not allow the choke collar to be tightened farther. This choke collar is processed with the help of new technology - "chrome cover." This is the electronic covering of metal with a thin layer of chrome. Each model that has gone through this process looks more attractive than a conventional steel dog collar. Chrome cover provides the high stability against corrosion and durability.

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chain collar with stopper Switzerland

Dog collar made of metal with stopper

The main advantages of this training collar with stopper:

  • looks better than usual steel dog collar
  • really strong
  • aesthetic appearance
  • stopper allows to adjust the size of loop
  • serves longer thanks to the high quality materials
  • corrosion, rust and stain resistant
  • helps to correct the dog's behavior
  • is ideally suited for dog training, walking the dog and daily exercise
  • protects the dog hair from tearing out and clumps

Using the training collar with stopper:

  • walking the dog
  • training

Dimensions of collar with stopper:

  • please see the chart below

Material of chain collar:

  • stainless steel

On this picture you can see how you should measure the dog:

How you should measure your dog in order to choose the appropriate size. Measure please your dog head in the widest place and in accordance with the number you got you can consider the size of the collar from the list below while ordering.

Why do the links look so shiny and have so safe surface? While the other manufacturers only dip the chain links in the solution before galvanizing, Herm Sprenger uses the innovative technology of polishing to high lustre. The way of immersion the links in the solution helps to remove all non-metallic admixtures such as oil. The metal is pure, but its surface looks unclean and not polished. The advantage of Herm Sprenger polishing technology is that the surface of chain links becomes more smooth, even and shining. The chain links are covered with the layer of nickel and chromium. This procedure is under laboratory supervision. The specialists of Sprenger control the degree of connection of nickel with the metal with the help of special tests of link flexion and only then cover with the chrome. This model consists of parts soldered together and serves your dog for a long time. All parts are covered with chromium, which gives the complementary endurance and expediency.

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Chain collar stopper Switzerland

Chain collar for dog training

Size of the chain collar:

  • 40 cm --->
  • 45 cm
  • 50 cm
  • 55 cm
  • 60 cm
  • 65 cm
  • 70 cm

Neck size of your dog:

  • 33-35 cm
  • 38-40 cm
  • 43-45 cm
  • 48-50 cm
  • 53-55 cm
  • 58-60 cm
  • 63-65 cm


  • please pay your attention! If your dog still grows up, you should order the dog collar that fits it perfectly at the m
  • never leave your dog in this choke collar without supervision
  • please choose the dog collar according to the table of our recommendations from Herm Sprenger
  • strict collar doesn't fit the puppies ans small dog breeds

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