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Size of dog. How to measure the dog's size for the collar.

There are different types of dog collars depending on the material, purpose and characteristics. We will show you how you can choose correctly the best-fitting collar for the dog and use it with easiness. Our recommendations can prevent you from exchanges and returns.

Dog collar with buckle 


1. Determine the exact neck size of your dog without adding centimeters.
2. Neck size is the size of collar from buckle to the middle hole (C). So you will have the additional holes - there are 2.5 cm between holes. If your dog grows or lose weight, you will have a possibility for adjustment (D, E) and (A, B).
3. If your dog is young or just a puppy, please remember that he or she will definitely grow. Please write the age, breed and sex of your dog.

The size of choke collar

Comment mesurer le tour du cou du chien pour le collier étrangleur

1. Pay your attention please, that it is worn over the head, the choke collar. Do not forget that we need the head size of the dog in the widest part (along the ears and under the snout, as you can see on the picture).
2. Please write the exact neck size of your dog without adding inches.
3. Please add 2-3 inches (5-7 cm) to the neck circumference of your dog - this is the size of the collar you need for your pet.

Measure the dog for pinch collar, prong collar

1. Pinch collar should be worn straight away under the snout of the dog and NOT lower on the neck. To select the prong collar, please measure the dog's neck under the jaws. The size of pinch collar should be just like his neck circumference behind the dog's ears and under the jaw line.
2. Pay your attention please to the wire thickness of prong collars. There are various wire sizes that are recommended by specialists for the certain breeds according to its weight and strength.

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