Dogs' amazing role during pamdemics

Pandemic Unsung Heroes: Dogs


Trusting relations with Malamute
Coping with isolation, fear, and sadness of the pandemic might be much easier if you had a trusting and loving dog next to you.
An American study was published in the journal Plos One that shows how depression, anxiety and happiness during the first year of the pandemic were perceived differently by dog ​​owners and by those who do not own one.
François Martin, one of the researchers studying the relationship between animals and humans, was convinced of this from his own experience. He is the Animal Protection and Welfare Team Leader at Nestle Purina in St. Joseph, Missouri. His dogs, Great Danes, helped him survive these unique two years of pandemic. And he took advantage of this period to conduct a special study on this topic with his team. husky Enjoying Winter
In November 2020 and spring 2021, they surveyed more than 1,500 study participants who had dogs, or who used to have dogs, or wanted to have dogs in the future, to find out how dogs provide social support to their owners.
It turned out that the rates of depression with dog owners were significantly lower than with potential dog owners. Also, dog owners were significantly more positive about their pets during this period and paid more attention to them.
At the same time, for people who have low social support and who are badly affected by COVID, importance of the dog increased much. The scientist claims that living with a dog gives people a strong sense of meaningfulness, social support, and mitigates negative psychological impact of the pandemic.
At the same time, Teri Wright, a psychotherapist practicing at a private clinic in Santa Ana, California, agrees that pets can provide affection, companionship and entertainment. However, she says, this may not be the right choice for everyone. It depends on the circumstances and the individual, because dogs can create a lot of stress as well. Cute Samoyed and Riesenshnauzer
Also Stanley Coren, professor emeritus in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, argues that a person petting his dog temporarily reduces stress or anxiety, but not for long. Dogs can help reduce depression because they give a person unconditional love. But during COVID, there are lots of worries. The dog relieves social anxiety, but not medical anxiety or financial anxiety.
During a pandemic, companionship with a dog is especially beneficial for those with no other social support. Whether you live alone or have minimal social support, a dog is great for your mental health.
Dogs are always happy to see you. As soon as you feel bad, the puppy begins to lick you, be constantly nearby and says with his own eyes how beautiful you are. When your pet behaves in this way, you can't help but respond by playing with him, which leads to a boost in your mood.
Taking care of your pet also awakens a sense of responsibility in you, since you have taken on certain responsibilities - you have to feed it and clean up after it. When you take an animal home, you take responsibility for its life. When you focus on caring for your pet, you have no time to think about depression.
Scientists have determined that dog owners are more likely to play sports, they sleep better, get sick less often and see their doctor less often.
If you are already a dog lover and you have the opportunity to own a dog and take care of it, then you need to have one, because dogs really contribute to the general well-being of people. Cute Small Dogs: Maltese
If you are so sick that you are not able to take care of yourself, then having an animal in the house will only worsen your condition. Another caveat: if a person does not like animals, then a pet will not improve his life. There is a certain number of people who have had no experience of caring for a pet at all. They have never encountered animals. For such people, a pet will not be useful during a difficult period.

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