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Universal Basket Muzzle
for All Breeds | Durable
Wire Dog Muzzle

New Braided Muzzle
for Belgian Malinois

Pulling Harness from
Nylon | Dog Training Harness
for Every Day

Durable Wire Muzzle for All Breeds

New Dog Muzzle for Belgian Malinois

Pulling Harness of Nylon for Dog Training

Dog Harness
for Walking | Leather Dog Harness

Weight Muzzle for English Bulldog | Braided
Dog Muzzle

Two Ply Leather Collar with Handle | Solid Dog Collar

Solid Leather Harness NEW

Light Weight Leather Muzzle for English Bulldog

Two Ply Leather Dog Collar with Handle

Set of
6 Bite Tugs for Dog Training
Dog Ball with String ❍
Bite Protection Sleeve
for Professional Dog
Training ✰

Set of 6 Bite Tugs for Training with Dog

Dog Ball of Rubber with String


Bite Sleeve for Professional Training


Leather Leash for Dog |
Nice Leather Dog Leash
for Every Day

LeatherMuzzle for All Breeds

Nylon Dog
Harness - Bestseller!

Best Leather Dog Leash for Walking

Padded Leather Muzzle for All Dog Breeds

Nylon Dog Harness for Sport Activities

Harness with Painting | Designed Leather Dog Harness

Padded Leather Collar |
Dog Collar with Braid
Design ✔

leash Stainless Steel | Stainless Steel Dog Lead

Paintes Dog Harness for Every Day

Padded Leather Dog Collar with Original Design

Herm Sprenger Leash Made of Stainless Steel

Maulkoerbe aus Draht, Drahtmaulkorbe als Bestsellers

Geschirre für Hunde aus Leder, Ledergeschirr mit Nieten

We greet you in the world of Fordogtrainers!

In our dog shop Switzerland you can find the best products for dogs. What do we mean?

Let's start with dog collar. We present collars made of leather and nylon, which are very useful and safe for a dog. You meet the wide range of models: classic leather collar, painted leather collar, collar leather with spikes and studs, training collar, braided leather collar, collar with name plate, nylon collar for sport and training, logo collar made of nylon, nylon collar with silver concho. We use only high quality materials - oiled cow leather or durable nylon. All models are handy and the dog feels comfortable in every model.

It is also important for a dog to have a comfortable muzzle. We can suggest to our clients wire muzzles and leather muzzles. A dog can breathe and drink better in wire muzzle. Wire Muzzle for dog training, muzzle for Golder Retriever, wire muzzle for Labrador, wire dog muzzle for Terrier, Wire dog muzzle for German Shepherd.
You can order in our dog shop Switzerland every dog leather muzzle according to the dimensions of your dog. Leather Muzzle differs by simplicity of use and the wide range of application. We have different models of leather dog muzzles: painted muzzle, muzzle for medium and large dogs, braided muzzle for English Bulldog, dog muzzle for German Shepherd, Padded leather muzzle for police and military dogs, dog muzzle made of leather with studs.

Harnesses take special place in our dog shop Switzerland. Great nylon and leather dog harnesses wait for the dogs that will wear them! Leather harnesses fit more for walking, dog training and dog shows. Harness for small, large and medium breeds and also for puppies, adult dogs, Nappa padded dog harness, dog harness for pulling sport, pulling harness, power harness, studded harness, walking dog harness, painted leather harness.
Nylon dog harnesses are to be used for sports activities and also with water contact. Nylon harness is also very durable and comfortable for any dog. Nylon dog harness, power harness for dogs, walking dog harness, harness made of nylon for dogs, sport harness, harness for Weight Pulling.

Every dog owner should have good quality dog leash. In our shop you can buy nylon leash and leather leash. For every dog we have a wide range of leather dog leash and nylon dog leash. Nylon leashe for professional dog training, nylon leash for walking, police dog leash made of nylon, double round leather dog leash, braided leather leash, a short leash, long leather leash. The leash is used for various purposes: professional dog training, day walks, visiting public places, search, attack work, dog shows, K9 and pulling. For dog shows we have special chain leashes of Herm Sprenger! Chain leash is very excellent accessory that is also very beautiful decoration for your dog.

Appenzell Mountain Dog, Golden Retriever, Great Swiss Mountain Dog, Labrador Retriever, White Swiss Shepherd Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog, St. Bernard, Landseer, Swiss Zaufhund, terrier, bulldog, Alaskan Malamute, Spaniel, German Shepherd, Airedale Terrier ... any breed of dog is unique and interesting !

For each dog we also have other categories: dog toys, dog accessories, dog sport, bite tugs, protective sleeve, dog-e-walk. All necessary for professional dog training, education, dog sports and dog care can be found in our dog shop!

Monthly Specials For May

Studded Dog Harness Brown Leather Handmade
Studded Dog Harness Brown Leather Handmade
€132.3  €105.9
Save: 20% off
Spiked Dog Harness for Large Dogs
Spiked Dog Harness for Large Dogs
€132.3  €105.9
Save: 20% off

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